The Forgotten Ones

character quiz

prejudices and preconceptions

I want each of you to think about and answer these questions about how your character will fit in and play with the following.

1) peace with the orcs whom have recently (5 years past) been at war with our country, for or against?

2) demonic influences and powers, evil/hated or just another source of power like politicians?

3) the leadership of Veenin, Lander’s secret pact with the orcs, makes him a traitor to the town or an entrepreneur safe guarding us from outsiders like Westgate and teziir?

4) Drow and other demi human races, different is evil or different is diversity and wonderful?

be prepared to role play differences of opinions and prejudices(example: like lilith objecting to torturing enemy combatants last week.)


knigetnamen knigetnamen

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