The Forgotten Ones

Aftermath Interogations and Negotiations

Nash'en Arives

As the night ended the far bank of the river was illuminated by hundreds of torches. After much debate two representatives decided to sneak across the river and discover what this new threat was.


Nash’en the shaman leader of the local orcs met us on the shores of Veenin’s river. He spoke with the Prefect about making peace. He said they had come for protection and reluctantly we believed them. We wanted to believe because their fighting men outnumbered ours ten to one. We set a time the next day to discuss the terms of our uneasy truce.

Meanwhile our faithful scout Thyorn was in pursuit of those who had spirited away the delegations from Westgate and Teziir. He galloped on horse back for most of the early hours of the morning till he came upon the prison cart and its band of masked outlaws.


Something stopped the group he was pursuing on the road. Some other threat and they argued over which path to take. Should they go to the sea or the hill country. Eventually a single dissenting member was kicked from his horse and left to struggle to the sea alone as the remaining force turned toward the hills. Thyorn seized this opportunity and crept behind the weakened prey left alone. He captured a lone dark elf and brought him bound to town.

Meanwhile, in Veenin new developments were being revealed. Lilith overheard a conversation implicating Lander as having dealings with the orcs. She brought her suspicions to Dalras. Dalras made some excuses and went home where he found ledgers written in script he didn’t understand. Together Lilith and Dalras translated the orcish. Lander was indeed behind the recent orcish presence in Veenin, but to what end? had he hired them to kill members of the town guard? Had he ordered them to kill people? It was unclear, but one thing was certain. Their work wasn’t finished. There was another job.

Our party was faced with another difficult decision. What to do with the scout’s prisoner. Serefina took charge when he returned and tossed the man in chains in her most comfortable locale, the forge. The heat and smoke put the foreigner in an uncomfortable situation. He might not have understood a word she was saying but the fear oozing from him was clear. Her eyes sparkled and her flames smoldered. The prisoner quaked in fear. Dalras came on the situation with Lilith. Offering a literal balm to a burned man. He accepted the opportunity to have a small glimmer of hope and traded knowledge for the proffered olive branch.

We learned of a new threat. The orcs spoke of him as the “Fear Lord”, the Elves spoke of him as “Night’s Bane”, but whatever his real name was a demon had been brought to the realms and he had dislodged the orcs from their homes in the hills and pressed the drow into his service to kidnap the delegations from Westgate and Teziir.

We found a single page of a complex ritual in the drow’s possessions. Daggers also that were part of some summoning or binding ritual related to this so called, lord of fear. The party was in turmoil and debating greatly. We decided to intercept the delegation from Nash’en and ask him not to support Prefect Lander, but to help us fight the demons. Perhaps he was under threat as well. The ritual needed the eye of an orcash high shaman, which Nash’en surely is.

We discussed this with the orc and discovered that he spoke the common tongue. He dismissed his cheifs and spoke with us plainly. Heconsented to assist us, but had a single demand. enough holy waters to test his cheifs to assure none of them were demon’s hidden among the loyal orcs. A bargain was struck to provide him 4 tankards of holy water, enough to test the 20 or so cheifs.

But why did the fear lord want our missing delegations? Demonic Delegations

What is Lander after?

Why is Nash’en really here?

And what was the mysterious force on the road that the scout spoke of?


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