The Sisters

The Sisters, (Inn) Owners Shiori and Aindrea Zenon

Daily rates: 1s a night, check out at 10a, 5s for a tenday.


Cup of Caf, hot (bottomless) – 2c
Cup of Caf, chilled (one cup) – 4c
Rice Wine, hot (glass) – 5c
(bottle) – 2s
Local vintage wines (glass) – 4c
(bottle) – 1s

Baked Chicken and seasonal veggies – 8c
Vegetable Soup (bowl) – 4c
Boar (available from 6pm-8pm on Fri to Sat) – 1s
Glorified hot pocket (yesterdays meats in todays fresh baked goods, mmm) – 5c

The Sisters

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