Atilius Strathos



Atilius is strong standing over six feet in height. He wears his long hair pulled back in a top knot most days with simple garb around town. When campaigning he is an intimidating foe wearing scale armor and brandishing a hand and a half sword which provides him quickness and accurate strikes. A scar mars the flesh above and below his right eye where he was struck in the orc wars. He is partially near sighted and because of the blurred vision in the right eye from his old wound he prefers never to engage in ranged combat. Atilius.jpeg


Atilius fought for years in the orcish wars as a retainer. He saved the life of General Iroh but was wounded leaving a scar over his right eye and his distance vision blurred. He prefers close quarters fighting where he can manipulate the flow of the battle and keep his friends from harm. His skill with a hand and a half sword makes him useful in Veenin as the assistant Kendo instructor. He retired from warfare to Veenin young when the wise General Iroh took an unexpected early retirement from campaigning.

Atilius Strathos

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