The Forgotten Ones

The Story Begins

Firey trial by Kolbolds

Fergus’ café was a natural meeting ground for our party, being just at the center of town. The (Prefect’s son Dalras, the Elven Scout Thyorn, the assistant Kendo instructor Atilius, the weapon smith Serefina, and the faithful seamstress Lillith.)

Smoke was rising in the East edge of town near the docks. We investigated to find a rice warehouse burning and together we were able to squelch the flames. Kobolds, appears in the ruined doorway and we handled them with great facility.

We each prepared in our own way for the feast to negotiate a treaty with one of two neighboring cities, Teziir or Westgate. The treaty was aimed at protection from piracy for our growing town. The delegations arrived as Dalras, Thyorn, and Atilius explored a nearby cave with hints at a raiding party of orcs.

We were all reunited, surprisingly, by an explosive battle in the Prefect, Lander’s, home when the orcs used some explosives to join the cave with the cities most prominent citizen’s dining hall. The orcs were defeated and West Gate was chosen as our sponsor, but before the treaty could be signed the Minister of Agriculture representing Westgate died of apparent poison. To continue the saga click: Demonic Delegations



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