The Forgotten Ones

Demonic Delegations

When the dust cleared the party returned to the cave to search for answers and loot in the campsite of the orc invaders. Treasure, trouble, and trepidation was all we could garner from the experience. 30 platinum pieces!! Who says caves aren’t worth anything?

Returning to Veenin we spent a day awaiting the Minister of Justice to discover the true cause of the Minister of Agriculture’s fate.

Lillith with a representative of Teziir and Westgate stood watch for us in the interim and a shocking discovery was made. The body of the dead minister was showing signs of some demonic influence. His flesh, where it had been washed in the local waters, melted away to reveal a serpent like demon underneath. We assumed the cause of this reveal was the local water it’s self. The waters of Veenin had long been famous for their potent use in holy water and in curing people of bad visions and dreams that had plagued them.

A full investigation was underway as the Minister of Justice arrived, but on the first night flames erupted once again near the docks. We battled orcish berserkers intent on slaying the entire town guard. Only one guard survived the onslaught but we were triumphant. Or so we thought. As we turned our gaze the top of the hill we saw the Prefect’s home on fire.

The delegations all had been staying at the prefect’s home or the village inn nearby. We investigated to find that both the Teziir and Westgate delegations had both been taken captive. To see how the tale began click: The Story Begins


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